P & D Engineering

Plant List

Our Machine List CNC Milling Machines
1-off Cincinatti Lamb FTV Vertical Machining Centre X: 2500mm Y: 635mm Z: 740mm, Renishaw Probing and 4th axis

1-off Haas VF11 Vertical Machining Centre, X: 3048mm Y: 1016mm Z: 762mm, Renishaw Probing and 4th axis

1-off Leadwell MV50 Vertical Maching Centre, X: 1270mm Y: 635mm Z: 650mm Renishaw Probing and 4th axis

1-off Quaser MV204 Vertical Machining Centre X: 1000mm Y: 600mm Z: 600mm

1-off Leadwell MH400 Horizontal Twin Pallet Machining Centre X: 500mm Y: 600mm Z: 500mm

1-off Leadwell MV20 Vertical Machining Centre, X: 400mm Y: 500mm Z: 400mm

2-off Haas VF-0 Vertical Machining Centre, X: 508mm Y: 406mm Z: 508mm, Renishaw Probing and 4th axis

1-off Haas VF-2 Vertical Machining Centre X: 762mm Y: 406mm Z: 508mm with 4th axis

1-off Bridgeport VMC 560 Vertical Machining Centre X: 580mm Y: 410mm Z: 480mm with ultra high accuracy Heidenhain Linear Scales

2-off Bridgeport VMC 1000 Vertical Machining Centre X: 1020mm Y: 510mm Z: 500mm with 4th axis

CNC Turning Machines

1-off Haas HL-20 CNC Lathe with 1m bar feed Ø250mm x 500mm

1-off Haas SL-20 CNC Lathe Ø250mm x 500mm

1-off Victor V-Turn 26 Ø380mm x 1100mm

Manual Machines

2-off Colchester Lathe, full digital readout 1m bed

1-off Optimum Excel D460x1500 Lathe; Full digital readout 1500mm

3-off Tos FNK Vertical Milling Machines X: 700mm Y: 300mm Z: 500mm

1-off Jones and Shipman 540 Surface Grinding Machine

1-off Jones and Shipman 1.25m bed internal/external Grinder

1-off ProPen CNC Engraving Machining

1-off Shot blast cabinet X: 800mm Y: 600mm Z: 500mm

1-off Fully automatic Plunge Wash Tank X: 1500mm Y: 1500mm Z: 1500mm

1-off Sterling Band Saw